About us

Origins and organisation

EBH Elshof Lawyers was born out of the merger in 2007 of two law firms of considerable repute: EBH Advocaten, with offices in Westland and Delft, and Van Vliet & Elshof Advocaten, based in Delft. Under the name of EBH Elshof Lawyers, our firm has since been combining traditional values with modern advocacy.
Excellence, combined with affordability and transparency are at the core of our organisation.
Our lawyers are based at two easily accessible offices in Delft and Naaldwijk. They are split between several specialist departments: Corporate; Real Estate; Government and Environment law; Insolvency, Finance and Securities, Employment; Criminal law; Private and Family law; and lastly marketing groups like Energy & Sustainability, Welfare and Agriculture.laew
On complex issues, colleagues from different departments within EBH Elshof  work closely together. Where appropriate we also work alongside external partners such as notaries, accountants and tax advisers.
EBH Elshof provides the benefits of a specialist niche firm with the knowledge and resources of a large law firm. We are therefore able to advise businesses, organisations and private clients across a wide spectrum of legal issues.
EBH Elshof encourages and enables our lawyers to develop their knowledge and skills by following the highest level of specialisation offered by continuing education programmes, such as those offered by the Grotius Academy and Insolad.
EBH Elshof is a member of Eurojuris, the largest international network for european law firms www.eurojuris.nl


General Terms and Conditions

EBH Elshof is a partnership of practising attorneys. The partners are natural persons and private limited companies. A list of the partners is available on request.
These General Terms and Conditions govern all instructions given by a client of EBH Elshof to the partnership, to one of the partners of the partnership or its directors, or to an employee of the partnership. These General Terms and Conditions also govern all other work carried out on behalf of clients by any of the aforesaid persons.
All instructions are deemed to have been given exclusively to, and accepted by, the partnership. As an exception to Book 7 Articles 404, 407 (2) and 409 of the Dutch Civil Code, the partners, their directors and those employed by the partnership are not personally bound or liable and the instructions do not terminate by their death, irrespective of whether the instructions were given with a particular person in mind. EBH Elshof shall act with the required duty of care in engaging any third party not belonging to its organisation and (except in the case of the assistance of a bailiff) consult as far as reasonably possible with the client regarding the engagement of such third party. All liability for any wrongful act or omission by such third party is excluded.
Any liability on the part of EBH Elshof is limited to the sum that, in the case in question, would be paid out under the professional liability insurance of the EBH Elshof partnership, plus the amount of the relevant excess under such insurance. Any right of claim or any other right whatsoever against the EBH Elshof partnership, or any partners within the partnership or their directors, or employees of the partnership, in respect of any work carried out by any of them shall lapse after a period of one year from the time at which the client knew, or ought reasonably to have known, of the existence of the claim giving rise to these rights.
Instructions shall be performed entirely for the benefit of the client. No third party can derive any rights from work performed for the benefit of the client.
Notwithstanding the above provisions, these General Terms and Conditions are imposed for the benefit of the partners of the EBH Elshof partnership, the managers and (indirect) shareholders of the companies and all persons that work for the partnership, whether or not under a contract of employment. EBH Elshof observes the Complaints and Disputes Scheme for the Legal Profession. All disputes arising from the formation and/or performance of the services provided by EBH Elshof, including all invoice disputes, will be settled in accordance with the Regulations of the Disputes Committee for the Legal Profession. The legal relationship between the client and EBH Elshof is governed exclusively by Dutch law. Any dispute not covered by the Complaints and Disputes Scheme for the Legal Profession shall be brought exclusively before the court with jurisdiction in The Hague, unless any mandatory rules of law specify otherwise.

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